Questions about Khaosan Tokyo Origami

◆Can I check in after 2am?
Please contact us before check in if you wish to check in after 2am. Origami ★ khaosan-tokyo.com (Replace ★ for @)

◆Can I send my package to your hostel?
We will be happy to receive your package at the reception before you check in.
Please make sure that it is your booking name, number and check in date written on not notice it is yours and we do not receive package by cash-on-delivery so the shipping charge must be paid in advance.

◆If I book more than one person, can we stay in the same dorm room?
-We will try to arrange for all of you to stay in one room as you requested.
However, please kindly understand there is a possibility you will have to stay in separate rooms due to a lack of availability.
Please book private room (s) if you wish to be certain that everyone in your group is going to stay in the same room.

◆Do you have a curfew?
If you come back to the hostel any time you want to.. If you come back late night, please be considerate of other guests who would like to sleep.

◆Can I access to the Internet with my laptop?
You can access to the Internet with our free Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) service.

◆Is there any convenience store near your hostel?
There are 24hr open convenience stores, 100yen shop, super markets, post office and banks near our hostel.

◆Can I rent a bicycle at your hostel?
We do not rent a bicycle, but there is a pubic rental bicycle service near our guest house. They rent you a bicycle by 300yen for 24hrs.

◆Can I make a reservation over the phone?
We are sorry we only accept online reservation. Please make a reservation from here.

◆Is there security locker provided in dorm room?
Yes, we provide security locker for valuables for each guests in dorm room.

◆Do you offer amenities? (Towel / shampoo / body soap / adapter etc.)
· Towel - 50 JPY for rent
· Toothbrush - 50JPY for sale
· Razor - 50JPY for sale
· Adapter - 500 JPY for sale
· Detergent for laundry - free
· Shampoo / Body soap - free at bathroom

◆Do you have a washing machine?
We have washing machines (200 yen) and a dryer (100 yen) in our guest house, free detergent is also available.